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Posted on 3. May 2021

Workspace Builder Use our SaaS solutions for digital collaboration, especially for Formal Online Meetings. These enable innovative and secure online meetings and assemblies with voting and elections.

Digital Assemblies

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including Votings and Elections

Our meeting solutions are innovative and secure SaaS products for conducting Formal Online Meetings with a predefined agenda and secure participant management. In addition to the classic video conferencing functions, the SaaS solutions also include far-reaching voting rights management and enable the legally compliant conduct of virtual elections and votes.

We can map a wide variety of statutory requirements: Ranging from simple proxy rules to voting rights bundling to bias exclusion. From the invitation to the final minutes, all formal meeting requirements are supported by automated and transparent processes. Whether purely digital or hybrid, no other all-in-one SaaS package is used more for formal online meetings than Linkando’s meeting solutions.

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Digital Assemblies are equipped with everything you need for your online meeting:


Stream your presentation live. Anyone who wants to make a contribution can place him/herself on the speaking list. The participant is then part of the video streaming for the duration of the speech.

Comprehensive voting and election options

Conduct elections and votes that can be either already included in the agenda or ad hoc during the meeting. Proxy rules, vote pooling, exclusion and even the capturing of postal votes etc. are covered by our SaaS solution.

Reporting & Compliance

Ensure that your digital meeting complies with the statutes and legal requirements. From the early invitation of members to the detailed final minutes after the meeting.


Participants receive personal invitations to the Digital Assembly with an individual link. This ensures that only authorised persons participate in your meeting.

Real-Time Agenda

Set the agenda in the system and create an important structure for your meeting. Keep the focus on the right topics and update the agenda on the fly if necessary, for example to include motions or to conduct run-off elections.


If you would like to contribute, please raise your hand – this is also the case in the online meeting. By clicking on the “raise hand” button, the participant becomes part of the list of speakers and can then be called up. Optionally, communication can also take place via chat.

Simultaneous Translations

Whether with foreign language or sign language interpreters – additional voice and video channels are available for translations, which are permanently displayed.

Our industry-specific solutions for formal online meetings:


The Solution for General Meetings and Committee Work

Digitize your club or association – with online meetings, digital committee work or digital member communication.
With the solution package from Verband-Digital, including a voting tool for elections and votes, your online general meeting can be set up quickly. Live in video stream, legally compliant, comprehensible, interactive.

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Digital Committee Work in Cities and Municipalities

The comprehensive solution for digitization in cities and communities: make decisions in digital council meetings with the integrated voting tool and show up via video conference or streaming. Enable digital collaboration at school, in administration and create a digital community.



The Solution for Formal Online Meetings

Digital-Assemblies is an innovative and secure solution for conducting formal online meetings. In addition to the classic video conferencing functions, Digital Assemblies also includes comprehensive voting rights management and enables legally compliant virtual elections and votes. From invitation to final meeting minutes, all formal assembly requirements are supported by automated and transparent processes. Digital Assemblies is distributed via certified partners throughout Europe.

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