Collaborative Bid Management

Posted on 12. March 2020

Actively manage the quotation process, supported by AI

The response to a tender is generally very complex in terms of formalities, content and organisation. The tender documents are often extensive, which can complicate the response. In addition, different people from different departments have to work on the tender – a coordinating masterstroke for which corporations already set up AI projects today. Linkando provides the ready-to-use solution that enables you to optimize the processing of tenders and to create quality-assured offers – supported by artificial intelligence. Increase the probability of winning the contract and minimize your liability risks at the same time!

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Your Challenges

  • You have to answer tenders with quality assurance
  • You want to use text that has already been used in previous tenders
  • An optimally composed team of specialists from different departments is to process the tender
  • Tasks should be assigned and processed in an uncomplicated way
  • Liability risks have to be reduced to a minimum
  • The traceability of how the offer was prepared should be guaranteed
  • Evaluations of the current status, open points, etc. have to be provided in real time.
  • The know-how contained in the respective tender should be made available to the company
  • You must be able to provide information about the processing status at all times

Our Bid Management platform provides a preconfigured solution wiht AI support that enables you to optimize your tendering processes:

Your Control Center

For each tender you create a digital workspace in which you assemble your cross-functional teams and file the tender documents. This is where all the threads meet so that you can keep track of the current status of processing, document progress, and make competent statements about the status quo of the overall project at any time.

Digital Team Workspaces

Provide your teams with the appropriate workspaces – depending on which part of the tender (technical, commercial or legal) they are working on. Here, tasks can be actively created and assigned for each team member; the corresponding documents of the RFx can be uploaded and edited bit by bit. Various communication options such as chat, audio and video conferences facilitate the coordination. The possibility of recording and evaluating this communication ensures traceability of the processing.


The libraries are knowledge databases for individual subject areas, which are created on the basis of already answered calls for proposals or requests for information. With each new project or with each newly answered call for proposals, the knowledge in the databases is automatically expanded and made available. The corresponding approval and correction processes ensure the quality of the information gained.


The glossary is an important component for the operation of artificial intelligence. By adding a glossary of company-specific terms, these are taken into account for all tenders and the tender is matched to your “company language”.

AI-supported Assessment

With the help of the AI, you compare the requirement texts with tenders that have already been processed and your service catalog. Answers are suggested and critical points are identified in the requirements. This enables you to process the tender documents in a structured way.

Burndown Charts

With the Linkando Task Management, all tasks are clearly assigned. Our burndown charts provide an overview of the progress of the tasks and create transparency as to whether you can meet the deadline. You can see at a glance where things may be jammed and can take appropriate action.

This Workspace Solution runs on our

Linkando Platform

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application – and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved – internally or externally – using your own Linkando Cloud.