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Posted on 13. March 2020

Your Digital Work Environment

The Linkando Platform

Tailormade Workspace Solutions for Agile Collaboration

The Linkando Platform is the basis for all our solutions. If you have individual requirements for your collaboration solution, we offer provide it tailor-made based on our platform.

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Linkando contains all the tools you need
to design your digital workspaces

Get the most out of Linkando

Turn your Community into an Agile Workforce

Bring your community (employees, suppliers, external consultants, customers, etc.) to the platform or start to build your community successively. Get quick access to the team members you need for your project with our skill-based Experts Matching.

Provide a Digital Work Environment for your Teams

Tailor-made workspaces, perfectly tailored to the respective requirements, enable efficient digital collaboration. They offer the best environment for agile collaboration and communication of your teams, independent of location and time.

Let our Digital Cobots support you

Collaboration is supported by our AI-based “Digital Cobots”, formed from a combination of several AI technologies. The Digital Cobots participate in projects and support with the knowledge they collect and make available within the platform.

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