Platform for Associations

Posted on 13. March 2020

We digitize Associations

Optimize the collaboration of the members of your association, club or political organization through digital workspaces. Organize events, work together on documents, conduct votings, manage working group meetings and much more. Live digitisation!


With our platform for associations we offer digital workspaces for the following challenges:

Member Activation & – Communication

Activate your members by providing them with transparent and continuous information within the platform, by involving them in decision-making processes and by using them as multipliers.

Panel Work / Working Groups

Make virtual project rooms available to your working groups and committees. In this protected area they can communicate, create and coordinate documents and much more. All documents will be filed in the library in a structured way so that the can be found at any time.

PR and Events

Coordinate all activities such as information events, social media campaigns, home visits and much more via the platform. And promote them with the help of our blogging and sharing functions.

Work Orders

Offer your members a channel for concrete work orders and process them in a structured way with the help of our task management. Support your members and create added value for your base.


Not everyone is always there. Let your members vote online whenever it’s possible and get a more comprehensive picture of your members’ mindset.

This Workspace Lösung runs on our

Linkando Platform

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application – and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved – internally or externally – using your own Linkando Cloud.