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Linkando for Business

Tailormade Workspace Solutions for Agile Collaboration

Linkando for Business gives you a private digital work environment for the professional interaction between employees, partners and customers. Instead of generic collaboration tools, your teams use tailor-made Digital Workspaces that perfectly match your business needs.

Solve your most pressing Business Challenges

Purpose-built workspaces provide the best environment for agile and efficient collaboration – independent from location and time. They are tailored, secure places on the Web that come with best practice apps, tools, workflows and analytics. For the following typical use cases we have compiled our workspace solutions directly as a suite for you:

Smart Assessment

Ausschreibungen entspannt bearbeiten

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Smart Engagement

Activate members in associations, initiatives, federations and parties

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Smart Participation

GDPR-compliant digitalization of employee communication

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Smart Negotiations

Higher efficiency through agile purchasing processes

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Smart Knowledge

Make knowledge of any kind usable within your company.

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Smart Learning

Transform your Class into a Learning Community

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Smart Sales

Your deal desk for more efficiency in your sales processes

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Smart Conferencing

The digital home for your event community

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Smart Innovation

Find and realize the best ideas

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Be Smart

What's your most pressing challenge?

Get the most out of Linkando for Business

Turn your Community into an Agile Workforce

Bring your community (employees, suppliers, external consultants, customers, etc.) to the platform or start to build your community successively. Get quick access to the team members you need for your project with our skill-based Experts Matching.

Let our Digital Cobots support you

Collaboration is supported by our AI-based "Digital Cobots", formed from a combination of several AI technologies. The Digital Cobots participate in projects and support with the knowledge they collect and make available within the platform.

Be creative with our Workspace Catalog and Studio

Select the appropriate workspace for your project from our Workspace Catalog. Nothing suitable? Create your individual workspaces with our design and development environment, the Workspace Studio and expand your Workspace Catalog at the same time. There's no coding knowledge required!

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