Conference Communities

After the conference is before the conference! How can we transfer our learnings into real projects? How can we involve our participants in the planning process for our next conference?

Challenges for the Organizer

Many conferences and workshops leave enthusiastic and passionate audiences and contributors. But this momentum only lasts for a short time, as in most cases the audience only gets the possibility to download the power points which have been presented during the event. The enthusiasm declines gradually and the impressions fade away in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
In fact, the participants would like to quickly network with their interlocutors from the conference in order to continue discussions or even to form teams for initiatives.
And the ROI? cannot be measured adequately.

Linkando for Conference-Communities

Create a digital ecosystem around your event with Linkando!  Engage all participants in the preparation of the agenda in the run-up to the event and align your conference with the thematic areas that are optimally tailored to your target group.
Communicate continuously with the members of your community and raise the suspense when your event comes closer.

Use the euphoria after the event and keep the suspense. Transform a "we should do" into a "we do" by turning ideas into projects that can be realized the by event participants. In this way, enthusiastic participants will be involved in the projects and keep engaged.
And the ROI? is measurable thanks to Linkando.


Your Advantages

  • You're expanding your community: enthusiastic community members attract new members
  • You retain the conference participants in the long term
  • You implement ideas and concepts into concrete projects
  • You support the continuous exchange of information between the community members and you as the organizer remain in dialog
  • You create transparency about all ideas, projects and initiatives
  • You will win new conference participants through targeted content

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