Linkando for Corporate Volunteering

Unleash the Power of Your Social and Human Capital and Measure the Impact of your Social Engagement

Keeping track of the social engagement of your employees is not always easy, especially for medium-sized and large companies. To bring together "supply and demand", many companies are faced with major challenges, especially in the field of corporate volunteering. With Linkando you will be able to connect the right people with the right volunteering projects and... stay tuned! Maintain an overview of project progress and the social engagement of your employees. And as a consequence ensure maximum transparency about the social impact of your company.

Challenges for You as the Coordinator of Corporate Volunteering Activities

Have your staff and organizations connected in order to collaborate on the needs-based provision of innovative solutions and resources for collective impact.

Empower partnerships between volunteers, organizations and the needs of disadvantaged regions

Act as an attractive partner for all stakeholders who want to create collective impact

Create transparency about your collective impact contributed to the SDGs due to Corporate Volunteering and CSR-projects

Requirements of Your Stakeholders

Staff & Volunteers

  • Want to find the best projects matching with their abilities, interests and availability
  • Want to exchange with like-minded people but volunteer Projects boards are walled gardens: stats, partners and achievements „live“ across multiple solutions and portals
  • Want to witness the impact of their engagement 


  • Need to be involved into the projects that affect their regions
  • Have to generate a transparent project portfolio to have a complete overview to be able to avoid redundancies
  • Want to support corporations to realize their projects on private public partnerships
  • Are expected to take ownership and establish national frameworks for the achievement of projects


  • Want to promote their projects
  • Struggle to find the volunteers, donators, mentors and partners
  • Look for ways to exchange information and experience with all volunteers and stakeholders, as relevant information and experiences are scattered across the web 
  • Have to optimize operational and transaction costs through quick and transparent scaling of resources 

Partners and Suppliers

  • Want to promote their services
  • Need to make transparent that they fulfill the code of conduct
  • Want to find new projects and orders to participate in and benefit from
  • Want to connect with all stakeholders to find new ways to collaborate with them

Advantages for the Project Coordinator











Help to help - and use Linkando as Your Corporate Volunteering Hub


  • Identification and choice of volunteer projects, new ideas and initiatives
  • Quick and efficient initiation of project co-operation
  • Innovations, users and community engagement and loyalty,


  • Project management 
  • Development of new ideas with fact-based decision-making
  • Productive und effective communications-management 
  • Event-driven and agile task coordination


  • Transparent presentation of the services offered by all stakeholders
  • Mentoring and promotion
  • Direct integration and interaction in the Collaboration Room


The vast knowledge and information from the community such as
  • documents
  • best practices
  • checklists for volunteers
  • FAQs
  • blogs
  • videos
  • links and more


Reports, charts and analyses of currents projects and initiatives, trend reports etc. 

Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
Just fill in the form - we will get back to you asap.

Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
Just fill in the form - we will get back to you asap.

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