Linkando for Fluid Organizations

Linkando for fluid Organizations

Keep your Projects on Target and in Budget with Crowd Collaboration

To manage a fluid project organization, it is difficult to constantly monitor all projects and the requirements of all stakeholders. Projects are getting out of hand quickly, because there is often a lack of cross-project communication and cooperation! Through digital collaboration in terms of Crowd Collaboration, these deficits can be addressed efficiently.

Challenges for You, as the Leader of a Fluid Project Organization:

Transparent overview about the progress of a project, status and impact of your projects

Plan and adjust your project capacities in a comprehensive and forward-looking way

Align knowledge, skills and availability of employees with project goals

Create interdisciplinary teams, promote agile work and avoid silos

Requirements of the Members of Your fluid (Project) Organization


  • Always needs up-to-date information to react quickly to changes
  • Wants to have  a central place to communicate with all project teams and keep them in the loop
  • Must inform about changes in tools and resources that need to be adjusted within the overall organization


  • Need current status information on financed projects  
  • Need early warning for changing budget requirements


  • Would like to know the progress of the projects for their sector at any time and to be able to participate online
  • Want to be more involved in the project progress


  • Are looking for interesting new projects for the own professional development
  • Want to communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Want to capture changes quickly

Service Providers

  • Want to offer their services as targeted as possible
  • Look for access to new projects and...
  • ...want to contribute quickly and easily

Advantages for You as the Leader of a Fluid Project Organization

  • Position yourself as an innovator for new work forms (Work 4.0) and efficiently use the possibilities of digital collaboration
  • Create a culture of agile innovation
  • Tie all people involved closely: benefit from growing engagement and high loyalty through vibrant relationships within your organization 
  • Offer the platform and infrastructure for direct digital comunication and joint impact of your staff, customers and supporting service providers
  • Bundle all competencies and the knowledge of all parties and create growing impact by providing digital access at any time
  • Provide fast access to ideas tailored to your target groups, innovations and projects through structured and transparent presentation
  • Overcome cultural barriers within your organization
  • Standardize and professionalize your internal and external knowledge management and targeted distribution of information
  • Create the basis for digital learning, exchange of experiences and the development of knowledge communities
  • Enable agile knowledge transfer by mentoring-models and Ermöglichen Sie agilen Wissenstransfer durch Mentoren-modelle und self-directed stakeholders.
  • Identify capacity constraints and plan your resources proactively

Advantages for your Departments by implementing a Crowd Collaboration Plattform


  • Comprehensive overview and digital management for all projects
  • Lean process for prioritizing projects
  • Competence-based choice of staff
  • Teamwork with the project teams through digital collaboration
  • Complete overview about project- and budgetportfolios and processes as the basis for investment decisions


  • Investment- / budget focused choice of projects and staff
  • Lean process for the choice of experts and projects
  • Comprehensive pre-screening by intelligent selection criteria
  • Teamwork with project teams by digital collaboration
  • Optimization of project- and budget portfolios, processes and investment-decisions.


  • Transparent and direct access to project teams
  • Support in implementing the projects
  • Reduction of administrative processes and transaction efforts
  • Innovation- and design thinking for content related development of the project targets


  • Access to projects and internal programs by themes
  • Overview about all initiatives and projects
  • Lean matching and application process for internal projects
  • Optimal presentation platform
  • Quick and structured access to information, experiences and best practices within the organization
  • Access to the library for standards, guidelines and checklists

Service Providers

  • Access to teams and the presentation platform
  • Access to new internal and external projects
  • Simple and agile involvement in projects within the platform
  • Transparent proof of activity and cost allocation

Linkando, the Crowd Collaboration Platform for Fluid Organizations - Tailored to Your Requirements


  • Identification and choice of project-staff, priorities, initiatives and new ideas
  • Marketplace for projcets and jobs 
  • Quick and efficient networking for project collaboration
  • Innovation and community engagement, loyalty, staff engagement


  • Manage projects in an interdisciplinary team
  • Plan and utilize all capacities
  • Develop new ideas based on fact-based decision-making
  • Discussions and messaging
  • Productive and effective communications management
  • Event-driven and agile tasks-coordination


  • Transparent presentation of the services offered by all stakeholders
  • Mentoring and promotion
  • Direct integration and interaction in the Collaboration Room


Everything which might be of interest in relation to your projects - documents, FAQs, blogs, videos, links, and more - is available in a clear and easy-to-use manner.


Get a complete overview of the performance of your projects with our reportings, charts, analyses of current projects, trend reports etc. Create transparency of your efforts and success - show your digital impact. 

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