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Ideation & Co-Creation

How can we get things improved? Aren’t there many great ideas out there? Which are the best? How can I keep my community engaged?

Find the Best Ideas

Ideation, design thinking, future work - these terms are an integral part of today‘s working world as well as the social environment.
Do not leave your innovations to chance: use the power of your community. Take the next crucial step with Linkando and transform good concepts and ideas into reality.

The Linkando Ideation Process

Linkando maps the ideation process end-to-end: 

Your Advantages

  • Overview of all initiatives and engagements
  • Find the best fitting team-members (experts, mentors etc.) for your idea and its implementation
  • Filter the best and most unique ideas by considering all relevant opinions and background-informations
  • Keep the possibitily to further develop ideas from past projects or ideations
  • From ideation to co-creation within Linkando. - without media-breaks and without getting lost in the application jungle 
  • Keep your community engaged and involved
  • Creation of an innovation culture and positioning as „First Mover“
  • Give space to all ideas to promote not only the "winning ideas", but also other, promising ideas that can be developed independently from the initial ideation

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