How can we enhance the effectiveness of our integration efforts? How can we help our volunteers with support and guidance?

Governments, companies and non-profit organizations must ensure and facilitate continuousness in working towards the overall strategies and needs in migration and humanitarian relief.

Linkando is the operating system for Volunteering Actions. It is an integrated solution providing all applications for communication, community building, project management, task management and mentoring.

Registration and Matchmaking

The volunteers register in the Linkando "Touch Base", specifying their abilities and desired fields of application. They can proactively search for suitable projects.Project managers, on the other hand, are looking for the optimal project participants with whom they can connect directly.

Collaboration - from ideation to implementation

Which mentoring idea sounds most promising? How can we implement this idea? After successfully connecting, all project participants in the Collaboration Room can work together - exchange ideas, develop ideas, evaluate them and finally implement them as projects with the appropriate assignment of tasks - supported by Linkando with automated processes.


In the "Knowledge Hub", all relevant information (documents, blog entries, videos, links, etc.) are easily accessible.

Measure Impact

What's the impact of my projects? Are our efforts successful? All the information about the projects can be found in the "Impact Cockpit".
Linkando helps building dynamic relationships in the global society. We accelerate critical projects and enable execution towards the desired core impact and performance. Our solution is not just a social network or project board. It is a collaboration platform for Non-Profit and Corporate Social Responsibility innovation.

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