Linkando for Your Digital Startup Ecosystem

Unleash the Power of your Startup Ecosystem

The digital Platform for Coworking Spaces, Innovation Hubs, Incubators and Corporate Startups to Digitally Support Startup-Communities
As an operator of a startup community hub, you want to remain attractive for many interest groups. Your own competition is growing! Continuously create new added value via digital Crowd Collaboration. This will enable you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and create competitive advantages.

Challenges for you as the operator of a Startup Community Hub

Integrate promising startups into your community at an early stage

Act as an attractive partner for investors looking for access to startups

Provide interesting offers from community members for startups and vice versa

Create optimal conditions for networking with companies through events and trainings

Requirements of Your Community


  • Want to gain access to startup communities... 
  • find investors, partners and mentors
  • Look for ways to exchange information and experiences with like-minded people
  • Want to sell their services


  • Look for the most promising startups
  • Search for matching innovations for their portfolio
  • Want to make a call for pitches quickly and easily – with a preliminary screening-process
  • Want to collaborate closely with startups


  • Want to create attention for their startup programs
  • Look for a comprehensive overview of the startup scene in their business environment
  • Look for suitable startups for collaborating and designing internal innovation
  • Look for innovative employees in the startup scene

Service Providers

  • Want to offer their services to startups
  • Look for access to new projects
  • Want to contribute quickly and easily

Advantages for the Operator of a Crowd Collaboration Platform for Startup Communities

  • Position yourself as a "first mover" in the startup scene and as an operator reap the benefits of community marketing
  • Build a startup innovation culture
  • Keep the startups and all stakeholders closely connected: benefit from scalable community engagement, high user loyalty and loyalty through a lively co-existence in your community
  • Offer the platform and infrastructure for direct digital communication and co-creation with companies, startups and other service providers
  • Bundle the competencies and knowledge of all stakeholders and create growing sustainability by digital knowledge working

  • Offer quick, target group-oriented access to ideas, innovations and projects by presenting them in a structured and transparent manner
  • Overcome cultural barriers within your community
  • Enable the integration of social media and the involvement of other partners or people in projects
  • Standardize and professionalize internal and external information management and collaborative activities
  • Encourage the efficient collaboration of the participants and partners  e.g. through "best-practice sharing" and stimulating an innovation culture
  • Create the basis for consensus-building, interactive learning and the creation of knowledge communities

Advantages for the Startup Community Using a Crowd Collaboration Platform 


  • Access to investors and corporate startup-programs by topic
  • Overview of all initiatives and engagements
  • Lean matching- and application process for pitches
  • Optimal presentation platform
  • Quick, structured access to information, experience and best practices within the community
  • Access to the library for standards, guidelines and checklists


  • Investment-focused choice of startups
  • Lean call for pitches process and choice of experts and projects
  • Comprehensive pre-screening-possibilities due to granular selection criteria
  • Cooperation through Digital Collaboration and smart working 
  • Optimization of poject and investment portfolios, processes and investment decisions


  • Sustainable user engagement und stakeholder „buy-in“ 
  • Support in project implementation
  • Reduction of administrative processes and transaction efforts
  • Innovation- and design thinking functionalities for agile working
  • Potential pool of new and motivated staff

Service Providers

  • Team building 
  • Access to new internal and external projects
  • Easy integration into projects within the platform
  • Community- und sustainable partner engagement

Linkando as Crowd Collaboration-Platform for Startup Communities

Five functional areas cover every aspect of Crowd Collaboration


  • Identification and choice of startups, corporate startup programs, investors, new ideas
  • Marketplace for projects and jobs
  • Quick and efficient initiation of project co-operation
  • Call for Pitches
  • Innovations, users and community engagement and loyalty,


  • Project management with the team
  • Development of new ideas with fact-based decision-making
  • Discussions and announcements
  • Productive und effective communications-management 
  • Event-driven and agile task coordination


  • Transparent presentation of the services offered by all stakeholders
  • Booking of trainings and events
  • Mentoring and promotion
  • Direct integration and interaction in the Collaboration Room


The vast knowledge and information from the community such as documents, best practices, checklists for startups / investment phases, FAQs, blogs, videos, links and more.


Reports, charts and analyzes of currents investments, trend reports etc. 

Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
Just fill in the form - we will get back to you asap.

Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
Just fill in the form - we will get back to you asap.

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