Skills-based Volunteering

Skills-based Volunteering

How can people within a community get organized to have a much more effective impact about their volunteering actions? How can companies keep track of the social engagement of their employees?

People want to help

There are many people who want to be socially involved. However, they often do not know where to turn to, as social engagement often take place on different platforms. This makes it difficult to find relevant projects, to get them to work and to implement them successfully. Also, many CSR-responsibles in medium-sized or large organziations face the challenge to bring together "supply and demand" and to reveal the impact of their initiatives.

Linkando Connects

With Linkando you can make advantage of the potential of a community, as every community-member manages its own profile and insert skills, experiences, fields of interest and goals. Based on this information, members can connect to work together on projects and interesting ideas. 
The transition from „link“ to „do“ is just a jump away thanks to the collaboration and project management features integrated in Linkando . All participants remain within the platform, to develop ideas and implement them sustainably.

Your Advantages

  • Provide a platform that empowers people promote and execute their projects
  • Connect the right people with the right challenge/project, at the right time, for the right topic and the right task.
  • Allow those who want to participate to network and work together in appropriate projects
  • Pull the strings and keep an overview of all projects and their impact
  • Promote partnerships within your network
  • Stay up-to-date and receive direct feedback from your community about problems and challenges
  • Keep all stakeholders closely connected: benefit from high commitment and loyalty within your vivid community

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