The Impact of Linkando

Linkando is a digital impact platform.
But what is Digital Impact and what actually makes a Digital Impact platform? 

Dig·i·tal Im·pact /ˈdɪdʒ ɪ t(ə)l ˈɪm pakt /

Digital Impact is key to determine the return of investment from organizations’ Digital Transformation initiatives. It is the measurable change resulting from Digital Collaboration among entire organizations and communities.

Dig·i·tal Im·pact Plat·form /ˈdɪdʒ ɪ t(ə)l ˈɪm pakt ˈplatfɔːm /

A Digital Impact Platform is a technology platform that provides an integrated suite of functions and a flexible framework to facilitate Digital Collaboration and enable Digital Impact. Such a platform is needed by businesses and societal organizations worldwide.

When does Linkando Create Impact?

To build a community, to motivate it to collaborate digitally and to achieve real impact is an ongoing process. With Linkando, you have a platform that helps you to create digital impact at every stage of the lifecycle of your interest-group:

Phase 1: Build Your Community

You have not set up an effective community today, but you do know that this kind of interest group exists?  In the first difficult phase, Linkando helps you to reach a critical mass of members and bring them into the platform. Via content marketing, social media sharing and viral distribution, Linkando helps you to reach your target group and make it part of your community.

You already have a community? Even then, it is important to show added value in this first phase in order to motivate the group. Again, content, information and their easy distribution within your group are the key to success.

Phase 2: Engage your Community

Gaining people for a new platform is difficult. To engage them within the platform to is even more difficult. Linkando provides the right tools to activate your group: discussion areas, theme portals, question and answer areas are just a few examples. Only if the members of your community get in touch and exchange with each another and exchange independently, without your help, it is possible to create digital impact.

Phase 3: Co-Create with Your Community

The dynamic of the digital exchange enables a kind of collaboration, which can be described as "design thinking" and "co-creation": the agile cooperation to develop ideas and implement projects. Linkando is the only solution on the market that allows your community to seamlessly and digitally connect these two creative processes to maximize the impact of your community.

Phase 4: Monetize your Community

Digital impact requires significant investment during a longer period of time. Therefore, the digital collaboration of such a community can have a measurable effect if there is a measurable return, which at least makes the investments justifiable. This may be a monetarisation of the community itself, or the evidence that the community has achieved a sustainable social or economical effect. Linkando includes the tools for both: digital funding through crowdsourcing and billable services, or measurability of the external impact of the community within the Impact Cockpit.
No matter at which stage your community is, Linkando is the right solution for sustainable, digitial collaboration within your ecosystem.

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