The channel Development specialists channelXperts would like to build an online community around their products, projects and services. 
The company's goal is to keep its customers and partners more engaged, as well as to facilitate and promote collaboration within the community.


channelXperts would like to create an optimal environment for its partners and customers around its own services and products so that all parties can be better engaged, build trust and collaborate in an easy way. By establishing such a community, channelXperts want to expand their leading position in as a provider of channel development services.


With Channelcrowd powered by Linkando, channelXperts run a platform that allows them to work closely with their partners and customers, and enable them to get connected with each other. 
In the first step, channelXperts use Channelcrowd  to optimally manage projects and to give their customers maximum transparency about any project progress. In addition, product- and project-specific documentation is provided online.

In the next phase the community is to be extended by the usergroup "service provider". These will be listed in a supplier directory and can be linked to all parties within Channelcrowd.
The content section will be extended byblogs, a press review, industry information, guidelines and more. 


channelXperts specializes in developing and running successful partner programs for high-tech companies who want to expand into new regional or vertical markets through indirect sales channels. With decades of experience in channel management, channelXperts not only help their customers to develop and implement new channel strategies and sophisticated partner programs; they also put them into operation when necessary. They take over the entire sales channel development: finding distribution partners around the world, taking care of the day-to-day partner management, successfully onboarding and establishing new sales partners.
Channelplace, a cloud-based PRM-platform that enables easy and efficient collaboration with the entire channel network of an enterprise neatly complements the service offering.

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