"We cannot predict the future, but we can now start shaping it" 
This mission drives the initiators of the portal "" (companions for the elderly).
They have understood that dealing with age and the accompaniment of people in need of care is a great challenge for many people. Through their portal, they offer news ways of approaching the situation and achieving the best possible quality of life and joy of life for all concerned.

Challenge: is to establish itself as a future-shaping workspace for nurses, therapists, practitioners and all who work for and with the elderly. The community should be able to quickly and easily familiarize itself with the portal, network with one another, and find pass-through, future-oriented offers on all topic concerning "how to help senior citizens".


With, the initiators have created a platform that provides space for all involved to exchange ideas, to get further education or just to inform themselves.

  • Caregivers are networking and displaying their innovative concepts and projects in order to show what's possible "with each other - for each other".
  • Senior citizens' organizations, municipalities, non-profit associations, foundations or corporations (non-profit-making limited liability companies) listed on the portal see themselves as innovators in the field and present their training courses and concepts.


"Stiftung Lebenswert(e)" is a non-profit company which pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes.
The purpose of the foundation is the preservation and support of people living in Germany and their living values. With its sponsorships it pursues charitable aims, in particular by helping young people and the elderly.

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