Wald 4.0 Wood Wide Web

With the Wood Wide Web project, AGDW - Die Waldeigentümer (Wood Owners Association) is breaking new ground in communication and interaction with its members.
Through Linkando, the ADGW members actively participate in voting processes and decisions of the association: Joint ideas, projects and challenges are consolidated on a platform.
The AGDW thus shortens communication paths and makes its association’s work transparent.


The AGDW actively seeks contact with its members and wants to encourage their participation.
They want to actively involve members in decisions and make results accessible and transparent.
Today especially for the unsalaried members and volunteers of the forest owner association it is nearly impossible to cover all information. In consequence the engagement is little.‍


In a first step, the AGDW and Linkando implemented a " Join In Portal ", which was presented at the annual reception in Berlin at the end of January. The portal can be accessed at www.waldeigentuemer.de/dialog and every interested member can register here and respond to four questions about the current campaign "Forest - Use it Naturally", contribute his/her ideas and thoughts as well as other comments.


"AGDW - Die Waldeigentümer" (Forest Owners) is the nationwide voice of the two million private and municipal and communal forest owners in Germany.

AGDW - The Waldeigentümer, as an umbrella organization for 13 state associations in Berlin and Brussels, represents the interests of two million municipal and communal forest owners in Germany in matters regarding politics, science and administration.
Its tasks include, in particular, the monitoring and shaping of legislative procedures and administrative decision-making processes at national and increasingly European and international level.

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