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10/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Linkando hosts community platform for Cassini IoT camp
On October 12 and 13, 2018, everything revolves around Internet of Things at the Space Shack in Berlin. At the Cassini IoTcamp, which is conducted in Barcamp format, participants embark on an exciting expedition through the world of IoT consider different aspects about this topic:
• October 12 will highlight business aspects and the development of new business models
• October 13 will focus on development and application issues

As an event-partner, Linkando provides the Smart Event platform for the IoT Camp Community. Participants can actively contribute their session ideas in advance, discuss proposals already submitted and network with other participants, speakers and the organizational team. During the event, the individual session planning helps to keep track. Open points or emerging questions can be discussed with other participants within the portal - regardless of space and time. After the event, documents are available for download and discussions that were started during the event can be continued even after the event.

Find out more about the platform at https://iotcamp.linkando.co
Get your ticket here: https://www.iotcamp.net
9/25/2018 12:00:00 AM
Linkando sponsors collaboration platform for the W20 dialogue process on "Gender Equality"
  • Linkando is one of 6 gold partners of the Women 20 (W20) Engagement Group in Argentina 2018.
  • Linkando sponsors a collaboration platform to facilitate dialog and cooperation among the W20 delegates in preparation for the Argentina summit and beyond, ensuring continuity when W20 activities move to Japan in 2019.

Landau, Buenos Aires / September 25, 2018: Since the beginning of 2018, Linkando has worked closely with the Argentinian W20 team to create a digital platform that facilitates dialog and collaboration of up to 300 delegates from the countries of the G20.

W20, an official engagement group of the G20, is an international network that connects civil society organizations, the business sector, associations and think tanks on Gender Equality & Inclusion. Its objective is to influence decision-making groups and the leaders of the G20 to carry out policies towards gender equality, accompanying the goal of advocating for more prosperous and inclusive societies. 

The Linkando platform offers a wide variety of collaboration forms, from private conversations, to group conversations to comprehensive workspaces that promote networking and topical discussion among W20 members. Knowledge and results generated (ideas, experiences, documents) as well as the recommendations that have been elaborated will be preserved when the host country changes. The continuity of the projects will contribute to a more sustainable contribution to the achievement of the G20 objectives.

Susana Balbo, Chair of W20 Argentina 2018, confirms: „Linkando is the perfect platform for us, because it has enabled us to implement a digital ecosystem for cross-border collaboration to carry on our international dialogue process. With the platform we create a legacy as we ensure the continuation of the W20 dialogue process. Our successors and partners can seamlessly tie in with our collaborative work.”

Ilga Gröschel, Managing Director of Linkando adds: „We are happy to support the digital communication and collaboration of the W20 Engagement Group with our platform. In doing so, we make our contribution to the success of the W20 activities and further the continuous engagement around "Women Empowerment.”

The W20 Dialogue Process supported by Linkando comprises an intensive and multi-level dialogue on an international level. The focus topics of the W20 dialogue process are divided up into 4 work groups: Labor Inclusion, Financial Inclusion, Digital Inclusion and Rural Inclusion.
The joint elaboration and formulation of a W20 communiqué and implementation plan are a central task of the W20 dialogue. The aim of the international delegates' cooperation is to integrate different perspectives, experiences and challenges at national, global and digital level, in order to promote the objectives and their implementation in the G20 community of states. These core recommendations of the W20 are currently being drafted with the help of the Linkando Collaboration Platform. The digital dialogue process will be complemented by workshops, conferences and delegates meetings in different countries.
In early October 2018, the current dialogue process will culminate in the presentation of a joint communiqué and implementation plan to the Argentinian government representatives of the G20 in Buenos Aires.

The decisions of the G20 can provide important impulses for binding agreements at the level of the United Nations. For example, the joint elaboration and formulation of the W20 communiqué in Argentina may also influence the United Nations 2030 agenda and their 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG # 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG # 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

More Information: http://w20argentina.com/

9/6/2018 12:00:00 AM
Linkando and main incubator present: virtual Smart Expo for Startupnight Berlin

Startupnight is one of Europe’s largest startup events, where startups present themselves to corporates, investors and potential customers. It will take place for the 6th time on Friday, September 7th 2018 in Berlin with 5000+ participants and 250+ startups from around the world in categories like mobility, energy, communication, AI, VR, AR, health, fintech and many more.

In cooperation with main incubator, who is one of the hosts of Startupnight in the Commerzbank house, Linkando is providing a Smart Expo: According to the motto "drinks now - business later", the startups present themselves online and get connected with the attendees to deep-dive into chats and discussions after the event.

Check in at: https://now.linkando.co/startupnight

6/7/2018 12:00:00 AM
Linkando and Matrix42 at CEBIT: Smart Collaboration fuels the Next Generation Digital Workspace
Easy-to-use digital collaboration platform as end-to-end alternative to third-party patchwork solutions

Landau, Juni 07, 2018 – At this year's CEBIT, Linkando, provider of a holistic platform for smart collaboration, and Matrix42, software specialist for Digital Workspace Experience, present their joint offer in Hall 15, Booth F58. The partner will reveal their joint "Smart Digital Work" solution, which shows how to simplify work and make everyday life more productive. Users benefit from digital collaboration based on the Linkando platform and Matrix42 MyWorkspace: they get the perfect working environment for a user-friendly and consistent digital collaboration with access to the right apps and desktop applications managed as needed.

Avoid media breaks: all tools available on a Cloud-Plattform
The Linkando platform provides the ideal space for the creation and collaboration of teams in suitable workspaces. Equipped with appropriate apps and desktop applications, they are seamlessly deployed via Matrix42 MyWorkspace. Users benefit from end-to-end digital collaboration and have instant access to all the applications they need - all fully integrated into one platform.

"Linkando's offering perfectly complements our customers' Matrix42 solutions to optimize team collaboration. For anyone who wants to take the next step towards a Smart Digital Workplace while taking advantage of agile working, the combination of Linkando and Matrix42 MyWorkspace is the perfect choice," says Oliver Bendig, CEO at Matrix42. 

"Partnering with Matrix42 enables us to further extend the flexibility of Linkando and to easily integrate different applications. Here, Matrix42 MyWorkspace optimally complements Linkando: we take care of the organization, the teams, and the provisioning of the workspace while Matrix42 MyWorkspace is smoothly delivering all the applications required. Our customers benefit from an efficient working environment on a consistent platform", adds Volker Wiora, Managing Director at Linkando. 

5/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Growth: Marc Koch joins Linkando Team as VP Sales
  • High demand for Collaboration Software "Made in Germany" 
  • Enhancement of Linkando sales team
  • Experienced entrepreneur and marketer responsible for expanding Linkando customer and partner network

Landau - May 8, 2018 – Marc Koch (44) has joined the Linkando team as VP Sales since April 2018. By creating this new VP position, Linkando responds to an increasing demand for digital collaboration solutions. With Linkando, corporations, business networks, associations, project teams or communities - for their business activities or social commitment - benefit from a comprehensive collaboration solution that can be flexibly adapted to their requirements and remains scalable at the same time. In his position as VP Sales, Marc Koch will drive the growth of Linkando's customer base and alliances network.

Marc Koch has long-term experience in sales and business strategy. He worked in the enterprise software space for more than 20 years. He started his career as a consultant with iXOS and CRM provider Siebel. As an entrepreneur he founded several IT companies in the B2B sector. From 2010 to 2014, he was CEO of legodo AG, a provider of software solutions for customer communications management, which was acquired by US-based Actuate Corp. in 2014. After the acquisition of Actuate Corp. by Opentext Corp. - the world leader in enterprise information management - in 2015, he was responsible for integrating his team into the parent company and driving the internationalization of the product distribution. Prior to joining Linkando, he was Vice President Sales and Marketing PowerDocs at Opentext.

"Marc will not only contribute his many years of experience in building sales and service organizations to attract new customers. He will also drive the development and expansion of our sales and partner network, enabling us to serve our growing customer base", explains Volker Wiora, Managing Director of Linkando.

"Right from the beginning, I was fascinated by the idea behind Linkando and its technical implementation. The team impressed me just as much: professional, with a competent background and the right skill and mindset," says Marc Koch. "I am very much looking forward to contributing to the further growth of the company."

1/24/2018 12:00:00 AM
2b AHEAD ThinkTank relies on Linkando

Future research institute uses Linkando as collaboration and discussion platform

Landau - January 24, 2018 – Linkando, supplier of the first Digital Impact Platform for Crowd Collaboration, provides 2b AHEAD, Europe's largest independent future research institute, with a platform for scientific research, for discussion of topics, development of ideas and as a digital co-creation ecosystem for the 2b AHEAD Community. In addition, the ThinkTank will use Linkando for internal collaboration.

The cooperation kicked off with the "Enabling Transformation" Congress in November 2017 in Stuttgart. During the event, the participants had the opportunity to rate all program items on the 2b AHEAD platform powered by Linkando and to continue talks and discussions afther the event. In addition, they were able to interact with other participants along their own fields of action and ideas. These processes have been consistently digitized with the Linkando platform. In line with the theme of the congress - Digital Transformation - participants and organizers were able to test and experience new concepts of "Future Work" themselves.

Creation of an agile Community
However, Linkando will not only be available to participants and employees of 2b AHEAD at events organized by the Future Research Institute. The goal is to build an agile "future research community, as a kind of "Think & Do"-tank to develop and inplement ideas. The advisory board, staff and participants of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank universe will therefore continue to use Linkando as a central collaboration platform to digitally accompany and accelerate the international expansion of 2b AHEAD.

"For us it wa most important to find a platform helping us to create a collaborative ecosystem. Within that ecosystem we want to discuss the issues and themes of our industry ThinkTanks and collaborate to develop solutions for real problems. Linkando offers us exactly this possibility. With the holistic solution, we can design and implement our own strategy and act as a model for collaborative work in a network culture, "says Jan Berger, CEO at 2b AHEAD.

"The use of Linkando as a discussion and communication platform at the congress and as a collaboration tool at the research institute itself shows how versatile Linkando can be used," confirms Volker Wiora, Managing Director of Linkando. "We are very pleased to support 2b AHEAD in building and expanding a strong community and to see how "Future Work" is being implemented at 2b AHEAD and that they are creating innovations with our solution."
11/20/2017 12:00:00 AM
2b AHEAD's Enabling Transformation Congress 2017 is powered by Linkando
Online platform "powered by Linkando" digitizes the feedback process and the communication between conference participants

On November 20 and 21, 2017, the Enabling Tranformation Congress takes place at the Carl Zeiss Planetarium Stuttgart. To receive well-founded feedback from the participants, 2b AHEAD provides them with the opportunity to evaluate all program sessions on the 2b AHEAD platform "powered by Linkando". In addition, the participants will be able to continue talks and discussions after the event.
9/12/2017 12:00:00 AM
Russell Reynolds Associates in search of Digital Leadership
Digital platform will be introduced in Mobility Leadership panel at IAA in Frankfurt on 12 September.

Russell Reynolds Associates and Roland Berger join forces to tackle the topic of "New leadership challenges facing the automotive industry" utilising new digital platform powered by Linkando.

At a panel discussion open to the public, high-calibre expert panel members will discuss "Automotive Transformation: Who will lead?" and the effects of digital disruption and transformation on the automobile industry at Frankfurt's IAA (hall 6 / A 40, 12 September 2017, 17h00-18h30). The discussion will centre on how OEMs and automotive suppliers should meet the challenges and how changed consumer behaviour might be dealt with.

So that insights and ideas can continue to be discussed, assessed, and implemented even following the panel discussion, Russell Reynolds Associates will continue the dialogue on its new Linkando platform in the form of an online ideation.
Please register at http://rra-leadership.linkando.com to offer your input on the future of mobility and the challenges the automobile industry is facing, comment on input provided, and discuss options with community members.

9/7/2017 12:00:00 AM
Digital Collaboration “Made in Germany“: Linkando presents integrated solution for Crowd Collaboration

- First holistic platform for Crowd Collaboration: Efficient collaboration through simple, intuitive matching, communication, and filing processes

- Make digital impact measurable and transparent

- First reference projects in the fields of business and social affairs

Landau, September 7, 2017 – Linkando, provider of the first Digital Impact platform for Crowd Collaboration, has committed itself to simplify digital collaboration in large communities. For Linkando, the individual user is not only a member of a team, but is an independent actor within the entire community. With its holistic approach, Linkando eliminates data and communication silos in complex organizational structures.

With Linkando, corporations, company networks, associations, project teams or communities - whether in the context of their entrepreneurial activity or social commitment - benefit from a comprehensive collaboration solution that can be flexibly adapted to their requirements and at the same time remain scalable. The platform enables all relevant stakeholders of an ecosystem to digitally integrate and network. With its integrated interaction, management and communication tools, Linkando provides the basis for efficient collaboration. The solution gives an overview of the activities and projects within the community enables the collection of key figures. The integration of all crowd-relevant information and communication channels on a central basis avoids media breaks.

Different areas of application, one solution: Linkando in practice
The first projects implemented with the platform reveal the flexibility of Linkando: 

Channelcrowd: The consulting company channelXperts GmbH operates Channelcrowd, to work closely with its partners and customers and to enable them to network with each other. With Channelcrowd, projects can be optimally managed and customers are given maximum transparency about project progress. In addition, product and project-specific online documentation for the community members is provided quickly and clearly structured.

Seniorenwegbegleiter.de: The non-profit foundation “Lebenswert (e)” has created sendirenwegbegleiter.de, a platform to enable caretakers of senior citizens to network and show their innovative concepts and projects to improve patient care and wellbeing. In addition, institutions, municipalities, non-profit associations, or foundations have the opportunity to present their training courses or concepts to the caregivers.

Flexible Framework: Five functional areas for agile collaboration 
Linkando users benefit from a holistic package which includes all important functional areas for digital collaboration:

“Touch Base“ connects people, organizations and initiatives by interests and abilities. According to these community profiles, agile teams can be assembled with the proactive finder-logic.

In the “Collaboration Room”, dedicated teams or dynamic groups collaborate online. 
Discussion-areas to develop creative ideas and the implementation of projects are in focus here.

In the "Service Mall", the project teams can book and directly receive services from within their own community as well as those external to the community.

In the "Knowledge Hub" knowledge is available to all community members at any time. Here, for example, users can search for documents, blog entries, studies, or videos via intelligent search filters.

Interactive reports in the "Impact Cockpit"provide an overview of the added value and return on investment on projects and help to make the digital impact measurable and transparent.

From practice for practice
The idea for Linkando is based on the experience of the Linkando founding team. Managing Director Volker Wiora explains: "In different companies, we have repeatedly noticed that efficient, digital collaboration often failed even with those with seemingly simple processes. We saw the lack of a consistent platform, empowering agile and structured collaboration. All these experiences led to the creation of Linkando - Made in Germany"

6/2/2017 12:00:00 AM
Linkando at the „Future Conference 2017“

For the sixteenth time now, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank’s annual Future Congress will be held in Wolfsburg, Germany on June 20-21, 2017. The topics of this annual congress are exclusively limited to future forecasts and the transformation of business models for the next ten years. The conference will discuss the future prognosis of life and work in 2027 - in particular, all questions concerning the agility of innovation and decision-making, the digital transformation of living and working environments and the changing business models.

Meet Uwe Schneider, our Digital Innovation officer and member of the Congress Council of 2b AHEAD and discuss with him how Linkando actively supports this digital transformation.

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