Exploit the full Potential of Your Community

Bundle the strength, the ideas and the motivation of your ecosystem on a single digital platform.

Linkando is organized into five product areas. Each area serves a clear functional purpose. Together they form the integrated workspace that sets our solution apart from anything else.

Five functional areas cover every aspect of Crowd Collaboration

Ideas Exchange

Create your own think tanks.

Discuss ideas online or during conferences. Collaborate on their potential impact and business value.

Events and post-event Collaboration

Create a digital ecosystem around your event: engage all participants in the run-up to the event to determine the right topics. Offer your speakers a presentation area and the opportunity to connect directly with the participants. Continue discussions and question rounds after the event and keep working on your ideas.


Complement your congresses or workgroups by bringing your community together online in real time. Our integrated online conferencing provides everything you need for a virtual event: video, voice, chat, broadcast and more.

Discussions, Rating and Voting features

Stay in touch with all parties involved: Use context related conversations to coordinate and discuss with the participants of your team, share your thoughts and ideas openly, or keep it closed within the team or on a 1:1 level. Our rating and voting features help to find the best ideas, thoughts and initiatives.

Surveys and Quick Polls

Conduct surveys and quick polls to make informed decisions. Get quick feedback on your topics, gain new insights, and incorporate them into your decision-making process. Understand the drivers and motivation of your community.

Co-Creation and Decision Support

Make the most of the collective intelligence of your community, supported by our design thinking workflow. Bring together all competent people in your community to support your initiatives with their skills and experiences.

Impact Cockpit

  • Areas of high Interest
  • Most active contributors
  • Contribution trending
  • Conversation rates
  • Follow up growth

Project Space

Collaborate with your teams and implement concepts

Dedicated teams or dynamic groups collaborate online, exchange experiences, develop ideas in the ideas exchange area. Once evaluated, these ideas lead to specific projects with coordinated assignments of tasks.

Contribute, Find and Rate Ideas

Do not leave innovations to chance! Use the power of your community with our integrated ideation process: find, discuss and evaluate ideas and implement them successfully. You are missing the right ideas? Contribute your own and become a valuable part of the innovation process.

Configurable Task Boards

Comprehensive and freely configurable task boards simplify your daily work. Drag and drop tasks to sort and prioritize while discussing details within the team. Is your project on track? Progress bars provide visual support.


Never forget important dates again! All appointments and due dates are listed in the calendars – get a complete overview or filter by project, tasks or due dates.

Share and rate documents

As part of most projects, documents are created and edited; background material is uploaded, news are shared, blogs entries are posted and all kinds of other relevant sources are made available. Manage and share this information with your team and get them to work as one using collaborative editing (co-creation) and commentaries to discuss and evolve.

Group Discussions and 1:1 Chats

Stay in touch with all parties involved: Use conversations to coordinate and discuss with the participants of your team, share your thoughts and ideas openly, or keep it closed within the team or on a 1:1 level.

Impact Cockpit

  • Capacity Analytics
  • Agile Burn Down Trends
  • Budget and Milestone Analytics
  • Accomplishments
  • Recognitions
  • Content Contributions

Service Mall

Find helpful services and include qualified service providers

The "Service Mall" provides users and teams with access to services within the community. Whether it is paid training, certification or e-learning content, or HR or Pro Bono services, here the community can do the "service shopping".

Offering True Added Value

Communities and their initiatives can be of great interest for external service providers. Use this to your advantage and provide a framework within which services can be present and promoted in a standardized and structured manner. They get a chance to pitch, you community can evaluate based on their priorities.

Order and Track Services

Have you found the "missing piece" for your project? You can order a service directly within the Service Mall and stay up to date on the status.

E-Learning, Training, Certifications

As every service, e-Learning Classes, Trainings and Certification classes can be promoted, booked and billed via the Service Mall.

Fair Billing of Services

The service provider receives the corresponding usage data for further processing in his billing system.

Automated Workflows

Our platform has been designed to be connected to any third-party system. State-of-the-art interfaces facilitate cross-platform collaboration and automation to provide value-added services of all types.

Impact Cockpit

  • Services adoption and
  • Revenues and returns
  • Ratings and quality reports
  • Areas of service needs

Content Library

Use the knowledge and information from your community

Everything which might be of interest in relation to your projects - documents, FAQs, blogs, videos, links, and more - is available in a clear and easy-to-use manner.

Everything of Importance in One Place

Whether you're talking about blogs, studies, flyers, videos or any other working documents, all documents are accessible and filterable in the Knowledge Hub. Even the results of the projects from the Collaboration Room can be found here.

Seamlessly Integrate 3rd Party Content

Don't reinvent the wheel: Integrate third-party content directly into the Knowledge Hub and do not miss any new publications from important authors and partners.

Easily Search and Find Collective Knowledge

Based on our proactive finder-logic with its context-based filter options, your community finds relevant documents and information quickly and easily.

Use Meta Data

What is your community looking for? How many people are interested in your blog? How often are your documents downloaded? Evaluate the relevance of your content and adjust your communications strategy.

Share Knowledge

Share everything worth knowing via social media and permanently expand your community.

Impact Cockpit

  • Amount of new content
  • Quality gates and ratings
  • Media utilization
  • Learning adoption and success rates
  • Content discussions and improvement cycles

Community Center

Network with People, Teams and Projects.

Linkando connects people, organizations and initiatives by interests and abilities. Connections will arise as known from social networks.

People- and Organization Profiles

Introduce your community! Your community members (people, companies or other organizations) create their profile and present themselves, their knowledge, their experience, their projects and goals based on criteria you have specified.

The Bulletin Board

Projects, initiatives, teams, surveys and much more are posted to the bulletin board. Anyone interested can get in touch and contribute accordingly.

Search, Find and Be Found

What's happening? Are there any initiatives that tickle my interest? Who fits into my team? Which service provider offers exactly what we need? Our proactive finder-logic with comprehensive filter options answer your questions.

Agile Teams

Teams can be assembled quickly, easily and, what is most important, tailored to your needs. Invite the right people to work together, based on their interests, experience, knowledge and skills, and ensure the success of your initiatives at any time.

Keep Your Community Active

Use the social media functions (Facebook-, LinkedIn and Twitter-Sharing), to grow and enhance your network, your teams and your community.

Impact Cockpit

  • Measure usage, access and contributions
  • Understand your community roots
  • Understand your combined skills, experiences and interests
  • Evaluate the agility of your members

Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
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Learn more about Linkando!

Let's find out together which Linkando solution fits your requirements.
Just fill in the form - we will get back to you asap.

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