Smart Engagement
Activate your Members

Increase Efficiency, Coverage and Impact

Optimize the collaboration of the members of your association, club or political organization through digital workspaces. Organize events, work together on documents, conduct votings, manage working group meetings and much more. Live digitisation!

Sieben Tipps und Tricks für die erfolgreiche Verbandsarbeit
Wie Sie es schaffen, Ihre Mitglieder zur Mitarbeit zu motivieren, lesen Sie in unserem Dokument "Verbandsarbeit - und keiner macht mit?"

Your Challenges:

  • Your publications have to be coordinated with great effort
  • Working groups must be transparently prepared and reviewed
  • The organisation of events is time-consuming
  • Including all members is almost impossible
  • Documents are stored in a dropbox or on the secretary's local hard drive
  • The exchange of information is difficult
  • There is no forum for new ideas

Your members don't get involved sufficiently and in the worst case will be lost

With our Smart Engagement solution we offer you digital workspaces for the following challenges:

Member Activation

Activate your members by providing them with transparent and continuous information within the platform, by involving them in decision-making processes and by using them as multipliers.

PR and Events

Coordinate all activities such as information events, social media campaigns, home visits and much more via the platform. And promote them with the help of our blogging and sharing functions.

Ideas Exchange

Get input from your member base and create a space for creative input.


Not everyone is always there. Let your members vote online whenever it's possible and get a more comprehensive picture of your members' mindset.

Forum / Working Groups

Bring your members to a virtual table. Work online on documents and file them in the library in a structured way so that they can be found at any time.

Linkando's unique digital coworking concept distinguishes us from traditional membership management software

Turn lone warriors into team players by creating a community where all members can participate. Our Match Making helps you target the right members in your organization on the right topics. Form powerful teams to implement and promote your campaigns.

The Digital Cobots support you in your daily work for your association. They will find hidden knowledge and unknown experts in your network and work with you on your projects.

The Smart Engagement solution includes a number of purpose-built workspaces that can be selected as required in the Workspace Catalog. If our templates do not fit perfectly for you, you can customize them in the Workspace Studio. Thus our Smart Engagement solution is always tailor-made for you.

This Workspace Solution runs on

Linkando for Business

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application - and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved - internally or externally - using your own Linkando for Business Cloud.

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