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Smart Innovation
Don't leave Innovation to Chance

Find and realize the best ideas

Ideation, design thinking, future work - these terms are an integral part of today‘s working world as well as the social environment. Do not leave your innovations to chance: use the power of your community. Take the next crucial step with Linkando and transform good concepts and ideas into reality.

Your Challenges:

  • There is no complete overview of all ideas and initiatives
  • After the brainstorming the interest breaks off and people do not remain engaged
  • Finding the most suitable team members to implement the ideas is difficult
  • There is a lack of possibilities for the further development of ideas already worked out in previous projects

With our Smart Innovation solution you will find ideas and the specialists to implement them:


Bring toether all contributors - both internally and externally and give them a transparent overview of the challenges and status quo.


The entire ideation process is mapped within Linkando and allows you to filter the best and most unique ideas by considering all relevant opinions and background-informations


Our Smart Matching supports community members in their search for experts to implement their ideas and also proactively suggests suitable specialists to put together a strong implementation team.


From ideation to co-creation within Linkando - without media-breaks and without getting lost in the application jungle.


Do not only develop the "Winning Ideas", but also other promising ideas and thereby ensure a continuous supply of new ideas.


Innovation needs communication. Of course, all communication tools such as chat, blog or online conferences are available within the platform.

The Smart Innovation solution creates added value beyond just brainstorming

Create your own Ideation Community and bring the right conversation partners in touch with the help of our Match Making. Create the basis for the successful implementation of the most promising ideas.

The Digital Cobots are involved in all ideation processes and projects. They support you in all questions around your topics. They help to use the platform and support you with the knowledge they collect and make available within the platform - for example you will find hidden knowledge and unknown experts in your network.

The Smart Innovation solution includes a set of prepared workspaces that can be selected as needed in the Workspace Catalog. You will find there all the modern collaboration tools, such as: Blogs, chat (including audio, video and online presentations), Kanban boards, voting, workflows, file sharing and much more. If our prepared templates are not perfect for you, you can customize them in the Workspace Studio. This means that our Smart Innovation solution is always tailor-made for you.

This Workspace Solution runs on our

Linkando Platform

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application - and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved - internally or externally - using your own Linkando Cloud.

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