Smart Knowledge
From a classic Knowledge Database to Smart Knowledge

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The classic "knowledge management" based on a knowledge database, has its limits. Only a fraction of the knowledge that exists within a company and its network is covered. The workspace solution "Smart Knowledge" helps to make external, collaborative and implicit knowledge usable.

Your Challenge:

  • Company knowledge can be retrieved not at all or only with a lot of effort
  • With the classical knowledge database, only curated knowledge is made usable
  • Access to external knowledge of customers, partners, and suppliers is missing
  • Collaborative knowledge is not usable
  • Experts are not easily found

Our Smart Knowledge solution makes your know-how tangible

Find the right knowledge

Linkando allows for a semantic search on content level within the platform. This way, even "fuzzy" results are found. The search does not work, like an index search, finding results via word equivalence, but works by finding elements with the same content.

Identifying specialists

Within the platform, let us suggest those people who are interesting and suitable for you and your projects, tasks or other challenges. This will save you valuable time when putting together your teams and you will quickly have the right specialists at hand.

Find collaborative knowledge

Whenever you collaborate on a topic, you build up knowledge. Any knowledge elaborated within the platform (stored in documents or any kind of communications) can be made available - if requested. This so called collaborative knowledge can be found and used with the help of our Digital Cobots.

Find the right information

Quite often you are looking for similar tasks that have already been processed, documents or the corresponding colleagues who were responsible for them. Linkando finds this information and makes it available to the searcher.

Linkando's unique concept distinguishes us from traditional knowledge management software

Within your community of employees, partners, customers and other external parties, you will find those with the know-how who can best answer your questions. Build an unbeatable team based on this knowledge.

Collaboration and search within the platform is supported by AI-based Digital Cobots. As "digital colleagues" they participate in projects, make the search results usable and support with the knowledge they collect and make available within the platform.

The Smart Knowledge solution includes a number of purpose-built workspaces that can be selected as required in the Workspace Catalog. If our templates do not fit perfectly for you, you can customize them in the Workspace Studio. Thus our Smart Knowledge solution is always tailor-made for you.

This Workspace Solution runs on

Linkando for Business

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application - and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved - internally or externally - using your own Linkando for Business Cloud.

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