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Social Intranet
Employee Communication with maximum reach

On average, more than 2/3 of employees are non-desk workers and therefore difficult to reach via the company intranet. With its Social Intranet solution and the integrated mobile app, Linkando offers a comfortable solution for integrating all employees into corporate communication.

Your Challenge

  • Communication with non-desk workers is difficult as bulletin boards or similar are hardly read
  • Employees feel detached and not integrated
  • Digital communication must be GDPR-compliant - media such as Whatsapp are not
  • Company agreements and security regulations must be complied with, privacy must be protected
  • Communication to all employees needs to be thoroughly managed
  • Channels for employee feedback and ideas are missing
  • Digitized processes such as vacation requests or approvals should be easy to use for the entire workforce

Improve your internal communication with Linkando:

Integration into business processes

By digitizing employee communication, processes such as vacation requests, approvals, etc. can be mapped right into the app.

Employee motivation through interaction

Regular communication with your employees makes them feel better integrated. Enable the dialogue between the management team and your employees and between the employees themselves. This creates a higher level of identification and motivates additionally.

Digital Cobots - your virtual workmates

Our Digital Cobots provide support in many areas: They are your contact for administrative processes, e.g. for sending in and managing vacation requests; They can help you find information, or they can find contact persons in your company, for example if you are looking for a specialist of a certain topic.

Employee Onboarding

Make it easy for new employees to get onboarded. If you welcome your new colleagues digitally, you'll be able to integrate them faster.

Using employee expertise

Do you know the skills and knowledge of your employees? Those whose workplaces are not digitized often lack transparency. In the Linkando profiles, employees can reveal their interests and skills if they want to. Maybe there is a hidden champion among them?

Feedback and Suggestions

Give room to the opinions of your employees. Often the best ideas are hidden where you don't expect them. Just ask - the platform and the app provide a shortcut to your employees.

Do not only improve your employee communication - benefit from Linkando's unique Digital Coworking concept and integrate your employees in the best possible way.

Build a community from your entire workforce and support networking and communication. Encourage all employees to participate in your projects and work groups. Our Match Maker supports you with suitable suggestions.

The Digital Cobot helps to use the platform, is part of your projects and supports with the knowledge he collects and makes available within the platform - no matter if it's the introduction of project members or the search for content of all kinds.

The Smart Participation solution includes a set of purpose-built workspaces that can be selected as needed in the Workspace Catalog. If our templates do not fit perfectly, you can customize them in Workspace Studio. Thus our Smart Participation Solution is always tailor-made for you.

This Workspace Solution runs on our

Linkando Platform

Our purpose-built workspaces are optimally tailored for their dedicated area of application - and can be individually configured for your requirements. Create the basis for agile, digital collaboration of all parties involved - internally or externally - using your own Linkando Cloud.

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