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Welcome to Linkando

Linkando is the first coworking space in the cloud. Step in and get going. Digital collaboration has never been so easy.

Anyone who has ever worked in a coworking space knows the dynamics, energy and agility that comes with this modern, flexible office world. Almost every major city now offers a wide range of options. But shouldn't modern work forms be possible just anywhere?

Linkando is the first digital co-working space in the cloud. Our "Workspace Catalog" offers purpose-built digital workspaces for all kinds of teams and tasks. In addition, our Community Space provides the opportunity to digitally network. Join interest groups to exchange information with stimulating people and increase your reach.

Coworking as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1:
Create a Space for your Workgroup.

Coworking takes place in the group. That's why your work in Linkando always starts with a space for your workgroup where you create and manage your workspaces. If you work with different groups, just create one space per group.

Step 2:
Select a Workspace.

We provide purpose-built workspaces for your coworking needs via our "Workspace Catalog". Choose a workspace with features that best fit your project and needs and add it to your workgroup. Naturally, you can create multiple workspaces for different purposes and use them with your team. Our catalog is constantly growing in order to support additional requirements and forms of collaboration.

Step 3:
Invite your Team to Linkando.

Invite your team to your workgroup to give them access to your workspaces. Now you are ready to start your projects and benefit from the digital collaboration facilitated by our "Digital Coworking Space”. Linkando user accounts in Linkando are free of charge. Each user decides for himself where he wants to become visible to others through joining workgroups and interest groups

Digital collaboration has never been easier!

Linkando is free for all, as are our digital workspaces in the "Workspace Catalog". Just sign up and get started: Work Smart!

Use our mobile messenger for iOs or Android to stay up to date.

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Linkando is more than just a Software Tool

Digital workspaces built for a purpose

Choose a fitting workspace from our Workspace Catalog. What do we mean by that? We have put together a variety of workspaces with tools, templates and communication channels for many different collaboration forms and purposes. For you, this means simply picking a suitable workspace from our catalog to get started. No need to constantly try out new tools and scatter your data everywhere.

It is your workspace - so leave your mark

The design of each workspace can be customized: Colors, background, logo – as you like it; even the feature sets can be adjusted using options to hide or show individual areas. This way, the workspace can grow with your work project or match its complexity; you can shape your working environment and inspire your coworkers in our Digital Coworking Space.

All tools for collaboration and communication

For work or project related exchange and communication, it's helpful to have context. Communicate within your workgroup and workspaces using integrated chat and video conferencing. Task management, calendar functions and other standard tools are also among the standard scope of many workspaces. Find everything that belongs to a project where it needs to be: In the workspace.

Network in our community and become part of an agile worforce

Coworking spaces are meeting places for people with similar challenges and goals. Linkando has a digital community that also offers you access to interesting people and their experience. Play your part and make the most of it. This makes collaboration fun and is the smart thing to do.

Get help from our digital cobots

The Linkando Frontdesk is happy to help all visitors to our coworking space. In addition, our "Digital Cobots" offer useful services: They help you search for information and subject matter experts via chat, and they make bookings or reservations for services and resources. We have developed our "Digital Cobots" by combining several AI technologies and they are learning new things every day.

The perfect complement to the coworking space in your city

Digital meets Physical: In our community you will find a directory with many coworking spaces. Linkando offers additional networking opportunities and adds value for all those who work there. Is your coworking space also included?

Digital collaboration has never been easier!

Linkando is free for all, as are our digital workspaces in the "Workspace Catalog". Just sign up and get started: Work Smart!

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